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Steal This Riff #1

Here’s a track I’ve fiddled with the last few days. I’m posting this for you musicians to remix. I’m licensing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. That means you are free to use it as long as give me credit (attribution), don’t make money with it (noncommercial), and license any work you make under the same license (share alike). Contact me if you want to use it outside those parameters.

For your mixing pleasure, download the individual pieces (recorded at 72bpm): main guitar riff (mp3), accent guitars (mp3), bassline (mp3) and reversed cymbols (mp3). The bass and cymbols came straight out of Garage Band, so feel free to discard those and come up with something better. If you use these pieces in some way, post a link in the comments.

Bm7 – A – D
G – B♭ – D
Bm – G♭ – A – E
Bm – A – G – A – G♭

This work by Nathan Gibbs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Videos from Trip to Europe in 2006

It is done. I finished editing our vacation videos from 2006! I cut it into scenes, but the total running time is almost an hour. This embedded video player shows all of them back-to-back, but you’re probably better off picking and choosing from the list below. You can also download all of them in iTunes if you prefer.


Originial blog posts from ’06

Photos from ’06

Saturdays in TJ: Quieto / Inquieto

Tijuana is never quiet. The city’s soundtrack of bustling traffic and barking dogs syncopates with the surrounding beats of banda and hip hop. Bright blue, green and orange homes punctuate a sea of gray cinder block.

But beneath it’s sun-dried skin, boys like Benjamin step into adolescence. Not ready to venture out into the world alone, but old enough to want it. A quiet and restless awakening.

Music: Perfidia (instrumental) by Café Tacuba

Saturdays in TJ: Hago Unos Hotcakes?

Second to family, the best part of Tijuana is the food. My mother-in-law is always cooking, always serving. Always. Seriously, she doesn’t stop. From the moment someone walks in the door, some sort of food already warm on the stove will be placed in front of them whether they’re hungry or not. It’s a beautiful thing. Lucky for me, the food is quite good :) She’s famous for the after-dinner line “Hago unos hotcakes? Should I make some pancakes?”