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Saturdays in TJ: Hago Unos Hotcakes?

Second to family, the best part of Tijuana is the food. My mother-in-law is always cooking, always serving. Always. Seriously, she doesn’t stop. From the moment someone walks in the door, some sort of food already warm on the stove will be placed in front of them whether they’re hungry or not. It’s a beautiful thing. Lucky for me, the food is quite good :) She’s famous for the after-dinner line “Hago unos hotcakes? Should I make some pancakes?”

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oh my god i’m so hungry right now. :) what are your cousins doing with their phones?

who made the great music? it would have also worked for a montage in a heist movie.

Yum. So beyond the production which I liked, here are some of the others. The interior color of the house. The abundance of technology. The familiar scenes originally captured in “Shoe Dump Set” and “Moonlit Hillside” among others. And last but not least, the super secret pinkie taco grip seen up close in one of the early scenes.

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