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World Trade Center almost 5 years after the fall

On our initial flight to from San Diego to Madrid, we had a 12 hour layover in NYC. We took a brief nap in Central Park (brief because the ground was wet and the bench wasn’t very comfortable), wandered down Wall Street, and stopped to take a look at the World Trade Center site.

World Trade Center

From the Burger King window overlooking the World Trade Center site
June 9, 2006

On September 8, 2001, I was here at the World Trade Center wandering around much like the tourist I was on the day I shot the above image. I sat below the towers watching some free concerts between the Winter Garden and the water (off screen to the left of the image). I distinctly remember looking up at the towers and thinking I should take a picture. I remember being impressed by their height, but they’re otherwise pretty boring to look at, so I passed on the shot. After all, I had just passed 10 postcard vendors and knew the towers weren’t going anywhere.

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That’s the most insightful story about the WTC I’ve read in a long time. Isn’t it funny the way life rides us?

It looks like the terrorists seem to have a secret invisible car in the lower righ hand corner!

My happyes day in year! I’m glad that all those blody selfish amerikan bastrds are dead. It did show the amerikans that they’r humans too. You mother facer americans think that yor somethin bekourse you have “big” army (who only keep killing eatc other in Iraq lol) and you think that you are the kings of the world. But the true is the other world hates you, you wouldn’t be enything if there wouldn’t be NATO (NATO sucs) If my country joins Nato Iwill leave my country. But any way I think it war right that thows people are dead. By the way i’m an a Swedish (If you thiked that i was some blody negro)

Ah, Havisis is so childish, he must joking, none can say that what happen 5 years ago is good thing. I’m swedish too and Havisis discomfit other swedish acting stupid. Get a LIFE. I’m sorry and i sure that Havisis is sorry too, meaby he has bad day, i think that Havisis annoig now what he hav wrote. Sorry SWEDEN LOVES USA

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(sigh) All I will say is, I thought about turning off comments to keep this Havisis from taking this post further into the gutter, but I figure he already went there. And he’s all by himself. So turning off comments would only stop Havisis from making a bigger fool of himself, and he’s doing a pretty good job of it already.

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General.Miller: wft? who the hell are you? My name is Staffan Grönberg and I’m from Nyköping.

This picture is fake, or edited, look at the road in the lower right corner. I see a piece of car with a shadow just faded out lmao

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