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Saturdays in TJ: Quieto / Inquieto

Tijuana is never quiet. The city’s soundtrack of bustling traffic and barking dogs syncopates with the surrounding beats of banda and hip hop. Bright blue, green and orange homes punctuate a sea of gray cinder block.

But beneath it’s sun-dried skin, boys like Benjamin step into adolescence. Not ready to venture out into the world alone, but old enough to want it. A quiet and restless awakening.

Music: Perfidia (instrumental) by Café Tacuba

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This reminds me of being at my grandparents’ house in Tijuana, especially the brightness of the light (few trees to block out the rays) and the dog.

Great choice of music too.

The music is great and matches the mood of the video perfectly! It really gives you a sense of what an afternoon looks like through Benjamin’s eyes. The pink rubber spider/roach/whatever is fantastic!

I saw you posted this video on your Facebook profile. I thought the shots between nature (like the budding flower) and the objects we surround ourselves with told a story of growth and learning new ways to interact with “old” belongings (like the toy.) I agree with the other comments, great choice of music. I especially like the title, as it echoes what seems to be going on Benjamin’s life.

Tender, evocative, beautiful.

Found this through the Semanal08 list. A wonderful rumination on adolescent yearning and hope. A gentle narrative full of fabulously shot details and moments. Loved it.

Thanks for the sweet transport back in time… That time when just staring was so enjoyable, when playing with a toy was a mission, when dinner would seem to never come, when the rush of time was not felt at all, when watching the dog and the dirt was more important than any thought of the rest of the world or the next day. But too quickly come the feelings of urgency in wanting to belong, to own, to love, to rebel, to compete, to be independent. Your insightful piece really took me back to the hours I spent turning over rocks, wandering around, exploring every part of nowhere, oblivious to everything except the moment. Ahhhhh….

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