Musical Improvisation Studies

The following studies are a series of experiments to extend the sonic vocabulary of the piano using electronics. With contact microphones, MaxMSP, and a MIDI controller, sound from the piano was captured, processed, and played back to create improvised gestures during live performance. (You can download any of the following tracks using the downward-facing arrow on the player.)

Performance Videos

The following two videos were shot by Sarah Smiley at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, New York, in May of 2002. Both were improvisations using live capture, processing and playback of the acoustic source.

The second second video was a one-time performance with Andrew Lynn on cello, Stephan Moore on laptop, Naomi Ture on violin, and Nathan Gibbs on guitar — together known as Floating Point. The video shows an 8min excerpt. Here’s the entire 12min performance (MP3).

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