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From the Archives: Behind the Scenes of ‘Scratch’

Going through some old photos from 2001, I found these two stills taken while shooting Scratch:

production still

The beard was a product of below-freezing temperatures in upstate New York. Actually, these are some of the only photos I have when I looked like this – which was how I looked when I was reported to the FBI for being “Middle Eastern.”

production still

Flickr MFA

Having become a recent Flickr addict, I’ve started a group called Flickr MFA. The purpose is to gather artists who want to continue in the tradition of art school experimentation, exhibition, and articulate critique. There have been a few interesting discussions on the forum since it started a few weeks ago:

La Posada: A Chicano Christmas Story

This is a 14-minute radio documentary I produced for KPBS in San Diego. It airs aired December 23 at 10:30 a.m. and December 25 at 3:30 p.m.:

Keeping old traditions alive can be hard work, but Mario Aguilar believes it’s worth it. Every year, the Aguilar family gathers their friends and neighbors to re-enact a Mexican posada at their home in Chula Vista, CA. And despite the children’s excitement over costumes and candy, Aguilar says practicing this age-old tradition will help future generations appreciate their heritage.

The Nortec Collective

Check out this radio piece I co-produced on the music of the Nortec Collective. On his blog, P.G. Beas (Hiperboreal) refers to me as a “gringo muy mexicano.”

KPBS Film Club

The past few weeks I worked on a pilot show for a radio program on KPBS (produced by Angela Carone, with film critics Beth Accomando and Scott Marks). It’s a special halloween edition of the KPBS Film Club of the Air. See what you think. We will be creating a few more pilots, so stay tuned.


gringoton video preview A pretty hilarious take on being a gringo in M?xico (17min).

Windows Media Video
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A Film by Greg Berger. More videos at