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SENTRI: Privileged Border Crossing

Privileged Crossing
Before approaching the border agent in the SENTRI lane, the RFID card and windshield-mounted sensor show the agent a photo of who to expect. For many, there’s a bit of mystery surrounding the golden ticket we call the SENTRI pass. To get it, you have to submit your weight in paperwork — birth certificate, passport, social security card, drivers license, residence and employment history, vehicle docs (VIN, plates, registration, insurance), proof of residence, employment, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. They run a background check and laser-scan your fingerprints. It’s straight out of Gattaca.

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13 replies on “SENTRI: Privileged Border Crossing”

Wow, that’s a ton of paperwork – I didn’t even have to have that much when I had my name legally changed!

Btw, haven’t been to the site in a while but I like the new design!

I waited five months (about two years ago). I hear they’ve adjusted the process to be faster… Let me know when you get it how long you had to wait!

ok i will. i need it by next month because i live in tj and i dont want to wait in line

anyone interested in lobbying to get the sentri lanes open 24/7? the times that i need to use the lanes they’re closed! (at san ysidro).

it took me less than 2 weeks to get it because i got a immigration lawyer involved. sorry it took my so long

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