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Mashable Uses Flickr Photo Despite Noncommercial Creative Commons License

A friend noticed one of my photos on a Mashable story and congratulated me on Facebook. The trouble is, Mashable ignored the license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

Screenshot of Mashable story featuring a stolen photo.

The key here is “noncommercial.” I work for a nonprofit and I like helping nonprofits. I’m happy to allow an underfunded organization to use my photos in their blogs or newsletters. But if someone uses my photos in the pursuit of profit (i.e. Mashable), than I require a piece of the action.

Cash Money


The photo has been removed. I received this response from the author via Twitter:

  1. Jolie O'Dell
    jolieodell @nathangibbs Honest mistake – I generally look for CC pics licensed for commercial use! Changing the image now.