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Avenida Revolución, Tijuana

La Revolución, Tijuana

It’s a quiet Friday night, a few minutes before midnight. An elderly gentleman approaches me and asks “Ud. habla Español?” “Si” I reply. He then tells me “los taxistas llevan droga en el volante.” He proceeds to explain how the taxi drivers hide drugs where the horn is in the center of the steering wheel. I suppose he thought I was a reporter; one tends to stick out like a sore turistic thumb slogging a camera/bag/tripod up and down Avenida Revolución.

My guess is more than ninety percent of those on Avenida Revolución on a given night aren’t from México. Manu Chao’s “Welcome to Tijuana” is fitting for these visitors, but there are several million more people who actually live in Tijuana but never visit Avenida Revolución. They’re good people, quite tired of corruption and the violence of rival narcotraficantes. And as I walk down this street with a target on my back, I actually feel quite safe.



Long exposure while driving (don’t worry, I wasn’t at the wheel). You can see some advertising ghosts in the full version.

Ode to Hokusai

Ode to Hokusai

This is an Acacia tree from Dixon Lake in Escondido, CA. The frothy texture and movement reminds me of Hokusai’s wood-block prints of waves.

Ode to O’Keeffe

Ode to O'Keeffe

I really enjoy this macro lens. Here, the color, composition, and shape remind me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings.

Flickr MFA

Having become a recent Flickr addict, I’ve started a group called Flickr MFA. The purpose is to gather artists who want to continue in the tradition of art school experimentation, exhibition, and articulate critique. There have been a few interesting discussions on the forum since it started a few weeks ago:

Rosario in Puerto Nuevo

New photos of my muse :)

Beautiful Smile