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San Felipe: Wishing on the Stars

I spent the Fourth of July holiday weekend in San Felipe, México, with a large contingent of my wife’s family. On our final night, we unrolled our sleeping bags on the sand to sleep under the stars on the beach. Just before bed, my 5-year-old nephew plopped down next to me and said, “Let’s make wishes on the stars!”


ME: Ok, what’s your wish?

JULIAN: Um, [unintelligible]

ME: What?

JULIAN: [repeats] Ok, it’s your turn next.

ME: Oh, um. I wish… that I had a marshmallow.

JULIAN: Oh cool. I wish I was, uh, bag of marshmallows.

ME: [laughs] You wish you were a bag of marshmallows or you had a bag of marshmallows?

JULIAN: I had…

ME: Oh, okay. I wish I had a fire, then.

JULIAN: Me too!

ME: So I could cook the marshmallows.

JULIAN: Me too!

ME: You have to wish something else.

JULIAN: Um, okay. I just wish marshmallows!

ME: You just wish for marshmallows? I wish all those stars were marshmallows. [laughs]

JULIAN: [laughs] It’s my turn, okay. I wish I was a, I wish my tio (uncle) was a movie star.

ME: [laughs] You wish I was a movie star?


ME: That’s cool. I wish you were a superhero.

JULIAN: Oh that’s cool! My turn.

ME: Yeah. [iPhone screen went black] It’s on don’t worry keep going.

JULIAN: I wish I would fly to the moon so faster than a bird.

ME: You wish you could fly to the moon faster than a bird?


ME: Oh, that’s good. Um, I wish, I wish I could touch the stars and change the colors.

JULIAN: Cool! It’s my turn. I wish, I wish I could play all the hard/card games.

ME: You wish you could play them or bring them.

JULIAN: Play them on your phone.

ME: You want to play all the games on my phone?

JULIAN: Yeah, when I get six.

ME: When you turn six?


ME: How old are you now?

JULIAN: Still five.

ME: You’re still five, but when do you turn six?

JULIAN: …be big.

ME: I know you’ll be big, when? When’s your birthday? Do you know your birthday?

JULIAN: July 28th.

ME: July 28th! That’s only in a couple of weeks.

JULIAN: Mhmm, yeah it’s just a couple of weeks. It’s your turn.

ME: My turn, um. I wish I could swim like a fish.

JULIAN: Cool. I wish, I wish, I wish I would ride on a fish.

ME: A what-fish?

JULIAN: I wish I would ride.

ME: What kind of fish, a ride fish? I don’t know what kind of fish.

JULIAN: Um, it’s an animal that you can pick him and you can ride on him.

ME: You can ride on him.


ME: A riding fish.


ME: [laughs] Okay.

JULIAN: You know what? And a riding fish eats sharks.

ME: The riding fish eats sharks?


ME: Is it like Shamu or is it like a whale? What’s a riding shark?

JULIAN: I think it’s like a whale.

ME: Okay, what color is it?

JULIAN: Big and huge and pink.

ME: Big and huge and pink?!

JULIAN: Yeah, and Nathan you know what?

ME: What?

JULIAN: A ride fish is faster than a whale.

ME: He’s faster or fatter?

JULIAN: Faster.

ME: Oh, that’s cool.

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tio nathan por que no sube otro video o por que no hiso otr aproposito paseme la foto de las familas de la boda civil de mi tio ismael por que ya la quiero eeee mejor a y por que no hiso video ahora bueno alrrato por que me voy a chihuahua

Your nephew is so cute! 5 is a great age!

Thank you for being creative and inspiring other people. My college professor gave me this website to look for ideas for my final project in her class.

Thank you!

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