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Racial History in the Making

Although it’s been said many times before, I can’t help dwelling on how definitive this moment is in the cultural history of the United States. A black family now lives in the White House. The multiracial face of a nation truly represents the diversity of its people.

No, this moment won’t solve racial inequality or erase a history of injustice. But it is a blossom of hope, a testament for future generations not to give up. The final chapters in the rulebook of race and power are undone with the image of a brown-skinned president.

Official Portrait of President Barack Obama

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Hi Nathan,

Electing Obama has been the highlight of my life in the past decade. I continue to be more interested in politics, and I’m full of hope and faith that Obama’s demeanor sets an example (so far!) for others to emulate.

Thanks for posting this..


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