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Death to Elmo (Piñata)

Whatever lingering cultural history may have once enshrined piñatas, I don’t think these kids are learning about its pre-Columbian heritage:

Principal Svadean: Look, Pedro, I don’t know how they do things down in Juarez, but here in Idaho we have a little something called pride. Understand? Smashing in the face of a piñata that resembles Summer Wheatley is a disgrace to you, me, and the entire Gem State. (Napoleon Dynamite, 2004)

You can’t help chuckle at the iron of a child bashing their favorite cartoon character with a stick only to be rewarded with candy. While I agree with Cindylu that piñatas are problematic, I can’t help smiling when everyone dive-bombs the ground, scrapping over Blowpops and Smartees.

Piñata Song

Dale, dale, dale
No pierdes el tino
Porque si lo pierdes
Pierdes el camino
Ya le diste una
Ya le diste dos
Ya le diste tres
Y tu tiempo se acabó!
Hit it, hit it, hit it
Don’t miss
Because if you miss
You lose your way
You hit it once
You hit it twice
You hit it three times
And your turn is over!

7 replies on “Death to Elmo (Piñata)”

No puedo creer que hayas citado la pelicula de Napoleon Dynamite, jajaja…

Ademas que cuando eres niño no piensas en nada mas que en tratar de agarrar mas dulces que los demas :D.. Me encanta golpear piñatas…

Man, does that bring back memories. There are so many piñata stories, tragedies, comedies, and dramas in my past.

I had completely forgotten the song.

A repressed memory? Probably….

That’s odd, I always have sung the song differently. . we say

Dale Dale Dale
no pierdas el tiro
porque si lo pierdes;
pierdes el camino.
Ahora no les das
ahora si le das
porque tienes cara
de conejo Blas.
Blas Blas

I dunno, i just go along with what the crowd is saying! I’m such a follower! haha!

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