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2:45 a.m. Interview on KPBS

I’ve been working from about 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. the last few nights to keep updated. Our web team, along with the news staff and other volunteers, are taking turns to keep everything up and running 24/7. As I was finishing up early this morning, Doug Myrland (KPBS general manager who was working overnight on-air), asked me a few questions about the Google map to give people a sense of how we’re doing it.

Here’s the conversation:


(It’s not exactly an award-winning performance by yours truly, but I thought it was worth a posting for posterity’s sake.)

Much has progressed since this recording. Google has joined the effort to streamline updates, and those who have been updating the county maps will now be contributing directly to our Google map. In addition, a site from Governor Schwarzenegger,, has embedded the map directly. Local CBS is linking to the map. Wired bloggers Michael Calore and Kevin Poulsen reported on KPBS’ use of Twitter and Google maps.

(Special props to Joe Spurr for pushing the use of Twitter and Google maps.)

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Nate, your creativty and hard work is translating directly to public benefit. I’m sure you are having fun, but we are the ones truly benefitting. You are doing great work!

Nate, that’s awesome! I’ve been refreshing that map and twitter like crazy when I first heard about the fires. They have continually been the best source of info online I have found.

Great job!

Thanks guys. In the end, I’m only one of about 10 people who have been working on the web coverage. The primary decision-making and ideas were handed down to me, so I can’t take too much credit ;)

Señor Nate!
It’s incredible what you’re doing.
I’ve been constantly checking on your site for updates and make sure you are okay.

Our thought are prayer are with all you and we really hope that the fires start putting out everywhere in SoCal.

Okay, even if you can’t take too much credit, I still think your (and the rest of the team’s) work is pretty damn cool. I’ve contributed to at least a dozen of those million or so hits to the google map.

Here in Columbus Ohio the local public radio station has been talking about your google map, and all the hard work of you radio station.

you should be proud of yourself. you are amazing. my thoughts and prayers are with you.

thank you.

Hey, thanks a lot for the shout-out. I just listened again and it really is a strong interview, especially considering a couple of the questions — and the hour!

Though exhausting, last week was some of the most satisfying work I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. The camaraderie was contagious and everyone on the team — and everyone in the region who helped — should feel a sense of pride. Hopefully we can keep it going this coming week and help people rebuild.

There’s been further coverage of our coverage since you wrote this (NPR, Google’s official blog, New York Times, and others). Not to overcongratulate ourselves. It’s just exciting to consider that the visibility surrounding all of this will very likely boost momentum behind future projects under the ‘Web 2.0’ umbrella, the mettle of which I think we’ve helped prove.

I’m really psyched.

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