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Multiple overlays of manufacturing residue: US flag, barcode, MADE IN USA tagline.

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Hey bro, outstanding work! Very compelling and thoughtful. I especially appreciate your current emphasis on race and identity. I certainly can relate living here in the very diverse and liberal, Bay Area. It’s funny how i never thought much about race living in Escondido, but now i see how race and culture seem to permiate all aspects of peoples lives out here. I suppose dating interacially has tended to open my eyes to what people assume about your identity.
Seeing your work has made me wish i’d concentrated more on photography and multimedia rather than just 3D and texture painting. anyways, theres a lot more i could say but i’m kind of scrambling to get my Mutant-Arm guy done by this week. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Eric. It’s good to hear from you! (I can’t remember how long it’s been) I agree with you – it’s pretty dramatic how different my perspective has become (in terms of race/culture) since high school. I think that’s part of what growing up in suburbia does to you. The more you see the contrast between urban/suburban, you can’t help notice race/class issues and question them. Questioning the issues sheds light on how and why things are the way they are, but am still looking for answers as to what my role is in helping create change.

I’ve tried a lot of mediums, but I never had the patience for 3D modeling/animation. I respect it very much; it’s definitely takes discipline. Your work looks nice. Did you focus on modeling and painting? I imagined you were doing animation…

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