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La Posada: A Chicano Christmas Story

This is a 14-minute radio documentary I produced for KPBS in San Diego. It airs aired December 23 at 10:30 a.m. and December 25 at 3:30 p.m.:

Keeping old traditions alive can be hard work, but Mario Aguilar believes it’s worth it. Every year, the Aguilar family gathers their friends and neighbors to re-enact a Mexican posada at their home in Chula Vista, CA. And despite the children’s excitement over costumes and candy, Aguilar says practicing this age-old tradition will help future generations appreciate their heritage.

Rosario in Puerto Nuevo

New photos of my muse :)

Beautiful Smile

San Diego Trolley

San Diego Trolley

70th Street trolley stop on the Green Line in San Diego. This is about a mile from where I live.

Peligroso: Animales Venenosos

Peligroso: Animales Venenosos

Danger: Poisonous Animals
Can anyone tell me what that one in the upper left represents? Below it is a snake, I’m guessing that’s a centipede to the right of the snake, and some kind of six-legged spider above the centipede.

Mis Sobrinos y Yo

Mis Sobrinos

This is from the roof of my mother-in-law’s home in Tijuana, taken by my 12 year-old nephew Alex. I let him try the camera and was pretty impressed with this shot of me with my nephews. From left to right: Angel, Benjamin, myself, AndrĂ©.