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Saturdays in TJ: Los Futbolistas

It’s impossible to point a camera in any direction in Tijuana and not find something interesting. It’s a cultural war zone, the mezzanine between two worlds. But in the middle of this political purgatory, there are people. And my Saturday routine is about family.

The song used in the video (On Our Own by September Malevolence) is available as a free download on

3 replies on “Saturdays in TJ: Los Futbolistas”

Nathan, this is by far my favorite of everything I’ve seen you do. It put a smile on my face from the first second to the last. With one night-club exception, I’ve only really been a part of your San Diego life, but this video makes me feel like I’ve experienced your TJ life too. Saludame a la esposa.

The audio you have selected reminds me a lot of Mogwai. Frequently, when I used to live in the suburbs of Cincinnati, I had the pleasure of watching some guys play Futbol, I used to sit in the grass and appreciate the talent. Nice work.

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