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Is Mexico Part of Central America?

After checking my stats using Google Analytics a few weeks ago, I noticed that Google included Mexico as part of Central America. I thought it odd, because I was taught Mexico was part of North America (as a Google Images search seems to confirm). After all, the NAFTA does include Mexico.

So, I wrote Google Analytics support team with the question. They responded, citing the use of United Nations data:

From: “Analytics Support” <>
Date: June 11, 2007 4:19:59 PM PDT
Subject: Re: [#159418445] Continental Error

Hello Nathan,

Thanks for your inquiry about the maps feature in Google Analytics. We
use Standard Country and Area Codes Classifications (M49) adopted by the
United Nations Statistics Division to determine borders and continental
classifications. To see how the United Nations classifies geographic
regions, visit We
understand that borders change over time and we make every effort to
reflect the changes periodically within the product. Political borders
within the Google Analytics maps are meant to help our users understand
where their visitors are coming from and should be considered guidelines.
They in no way represent a political opinion or position . . .

The U.N.’s posted methodology also claims these regional definitions are apolitical:

The assignment of countries or areas to specific groupings is for statistical convenience and does not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliation of countries or territories by the United Nations.

Wikipedia Map

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, some geologists and physical geographers include parts of Mexico in Central America. Wikipedia’s Central America entry quantifies this area at about 12% of Mexico’s landmass. The same entry says the European Union excludes Mexico and Belize from Central America.

The issue brings home the basic premise that borders and labels can be completely arbitrary. That is, if we removed the labels and borders, we would have land and people living on that land. The borders we have in our world today are 100% political. They establish boundaries where each country considers itself sovereign. When borders move, it’s often a matter of life and death for the locals.

Is it wrong for the U.N. to label Mexico as part of Central America? I don’t know and it doesn’t affect my daily life one way or the other. It does, however, affect the way people and cultures respond to each other. In the U.S., if Mexico is part of “our” North American continent, we might have reason to consider ourselves neighbors. When the U.S. Americans refers to Mexico as “Latin America” it’s an added step of distance, a clarification that those people are something “other” than us. Whether we like it or not, the U.S.A. is the minority in the Americas, and the largest minority group within the country is made up of Latinos. The U.S. is part of Latin America.

I can understand a geological explaination that deals with physical land formations. But in any other circumstance, you usually round down. Twelve percent would still exclude Mexico from Central America. It seems like an easy excuse to distance a “third world” country like Mexico from “first world” countries like the U.S. The disclaimer that their maps don’t express a political opinion seems more like a cop-out, not unlike television news programs’ use of the question mark.

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I do not believe that Mexico is part of Central America, Mexico is part of North America, NOT Central America. This also must be MY opion.


Mexico is in North America. The United Nations classifies the geographic region of North America as: “b/ The continent of North America (003) comprises Northern America (021), Caribbean (029), and Central America (013).” Anything north of the equator is considered North America even though Colombia and Venezuela are included as part of South America. Most of Mexico is on the North America tetonic plate and Central America is on the Caribbean plate. This has to do with geography not the language we speak.

I´m sure Mexico is part of North America, you just have to see that many cities of Mexico are located “higher” than US cities like Houston vs Tijuana.

To the person called LILY & KAREN, I know this post is old, but if you ever read this. Please educate YOURSELF.

California was NEVER part of Mexico??

Quick history lesson, when the Spanish landed they not only colonized what is today Mexico but California as well, not to mention Texas and New Mexico. After Mexico established it’s independence in 1821 they inherited California, Texas and New Mexico. UH YEAH. That means they were part of Mexico until the US set forth it’s manifest destiny which meant they wanted everything in the west. US citizens migrated into Mexican territory, due to huge influx of new English speaking people Mexico gave them Mexican citizenship’s and the right to own land but those citizens still considered themselves from the US thus the Mexican-American war which Mexico couldn’t handle after their revolution therefor seceding California, Texas and New Mexico to the US.

The end.

Hope you learned something. You ARE wrong.

p.s. putting things in all caps doesn’t make your point right.

I am an elementary Spanish teacher and I am currently discussing Central America with my students and our map does not include Mexico. I wasn’t sure where it “belonged” on a map these days either. I always try to be frank with my students if I don’t know the right answer. I never have been one who acts like I know everything. I want my students to know that though I am a teacher it doesn’t mean I have learned everything there is to know. I will never stop learning or being willing to learn. This approach by me helps keeps them open-minded to learning new things as they grow older. Being open-minded is part of accepting other cultures and customs which is what my job is all about. The fact that LILY & KAREN are posting their message with their angry capital letters and incorrectly saying that California was never part of Mexico upsets me. Are they here in America? What were they taught in school? Have they ever heard of the Alamo? I will be sharing this thread and any following posts with my students since I happen to also teach computers. I am hoping to educate them correctly while instilling the desire for more knowledge without close-mindedness.






I´m a professional geographer and there are many ways to confirm that Mexico is where north america tectonic plate starts, and you wont belive that even Japan is a part of Japan belongs to the north america tectonic plat, however, refering the post message, Canada, U.S., México and Belize may be consider as north america, not only for physical reasons but for a originally culture relations and a geopolitical block on the world. Even latin america southern countries does not consider Mexico as part of them, only in the languaje but not as brother countries.

The idea of Mexico about being a part of the ¨third world¨must be changed in order to set a freedom enviroment.

Mexico is North America, No matter what google says, who cares?? Geography put Mexico in North America.
You can ask Central american people if Mexico is part of Central America and they going to say NO.
For almost all the world and obviously for Spanish speakers, America (the Americas for the english speakers) is a single continent sub-divided in 3, North, Central and South America, and Mexico is located in North America.

Mexico is a Latin country, latin culture and some people think for be North American you have to be white and speak english, sorry, Latin isn’t a race is a language and we are latins because we speak a language to come from LATIN.

sorry about my english but isn’t my first language I speak Spanish.

Jaime, I think you did a wonderful job with your posting.
Thank you! For educating some of those that were erroneously informed.

Mexico is part of North America…that’s what I learned at school in Mexico and California. When I lived in Italy and tried to get international phone service, they had (and still have) Mexico as part of Central America. North American countries get cheaper rates. The person who was “helping” me is from Argentina, and called me ignorant because I did not know where my own country belonged to…that really made me angry. So Europeans consider Mexico as part of Central America, at least for bussiness, very convinient, I would say. Telecom Italia …you’re losing clients.

People’s ignorance amazes me. There are different models to label continents. That is why in the English speaking cultures and China, Mexico is part of North America, but for the rest of the world, Mexico is part of Central America. In fact the majority of the world don’t even distinguish North, Central, or South America at all, but America as one single continent.

For political and economical reasons, it was decided not too long ago that Mexico was part of North America, that is why many people in Central America think Mexico is part of North America. But it all boils down to where you are from, and what system to model the continents you use. The United Nations uses the model that is more widely use, and obviously the United States uses a different model, because they always want to be different in everything. Different temperature system, measurement, they even call football “soccer.” So it is only a matter of cultural independence.

Anyway I hope this made it clear for some of you who have no idea why there are differences in simple things like this.

Wow, alejandro…your wisdom amazes me, but confuse me more. At least about your opinion. Of course we know that America is one continent..we are discussing about the north and central part of it. What I can’t believe is that if divisions are 100% political, then, why countries involved are not clear about it, and teach their people what is right. You can’t teach a student that Mexico belongs to North America because of economical reasons, but to Central America because geological reasons…or because your cultural independence…you decide where you want to belong…c’mon that’s BS.
Alejandro, your opinion did not make anything clear.
My husband is 51 years old, from Berlin, PA. When I asked him to name the countries of North America, he mentioned Mexico. My next door neighbor right now in Heidelberg, Germany answered the same. My best friend from Italy did not have a doubt..why?…all of them were taught at school that Mexico is part of the NORTH part of the American Continent.

If a small part of South Mexico comes to be part of Central America because of any kind of divisions…well, too bad, they don’t explain that in schools..and that’s why we are all confused…People is educated according to what our governements
want us to believe…If anybody here sounds ignorant (Alejandro, that’s for you) is not our fault.

I’ll keep reading….

I’m from Honduras and I was taught that Mexico is part of North America and to prove it my country’s flag has 5 stars that represent the original 5 central american countries of Guatemala,Honduras,Nicaragua,El Salvador and Costa Rica. Now you have 2 other countries Belize which used belong to Guatemala and Panama which used to belong to Colombia.

It is not about OPINIONS here : it’s just a matter of fact and logic. Mexico is a part of Central America not because geographers were palying “opinion” game ! They know the geographic characteristics of Mexico .

Wow, believe it or not, it’s the first time I see a map with Mexico as part of Central America. I read all comments here…amazing! that “lily and Karen” …was he/she serious?..geez! Dagel…did you read above the comment of DRAGON? So, if according to you”They know”; Why is he saying that Mexico is part of North America?…hmmm And I can’t find the logic of Mexico being part of Central America…I can say by logic that Chile belongs to South America, and Canada to North America, but Mexico and Belize?…I wonder if some people living in USA use that logic too when they refer to “Mexican “people crossing their country’s borders; Like if Mexico would be the rest of the American Continent.

I’ve being searching,..can’t find much support about Mexico, part of Central America. I found that Central America was part of mexico once…but not the other way. give me websites please.

Well Maria, I won’t do the homework for you. You should do the research yourself, and that’s what I expect people to do whenever there are confusions. The fact that different models are taught all around the world is beyond anyone’s control. That is just simply the way things are. I was just making people aware of the different models, and like I said I would expect each and every person to do some research about it.

I do agree that it is kind of confusing, especially for kids that move from one country to another, since they are taught different models. And the fact that you asked a 51 year old person makes my point, since the models are constantly changing, and are mostly depending upon political and economical reasons.

In any case here are some good links:

But as I said, do the research on your own, that’s why we have a brain, to use it properly.

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico will always be mexico wether u think is part of africa or part of china, Mexico will always be mexico, Known for its culture, history, natural resources and most of all for the future that this country holds. Some say that in the year of 2025 and counting forward will be a 1st class world country and will be a place to migrate. People will come from many continents and countries, will try to settle in mexico and build new colonies to an extend where a new country will be born, new government and new ways of living will boom up out of nowhere. My theory is that the high minds that control the world dont want to see Mexico become a much stronger, better and ritch country so we are devided in colors, along with borders. Since white people cant stand the sun they took the north. Canada and USA are constructed of european immigrants, all have anglosaxon backgrounds but once you cross the border into Mexico and you travel down south you will see dark brown skin color so yeah i think is all just a racist issue. to all those who say that USA has always been USA think again they robbed and stoled mexico´s land by force and of course they killed our indians causing panic and rapping women and children while high officials were abusing drugs, money and power over mexican people and ever since then its the same story up to these days, Mexicans killed each other just to serv drugs and ilegal substances to young kids in america. the only problem i see in this continent is the american way or better yet the so called american dream wich is the biggest lie since gold was found in california and mexican-spanish were kicked out of texas. One day this will change and what it ever they try to take from mexico will come back to its place. Karma has started to take place, just watch how the USA crumbles into millions of pieces.. God Bless MExico!!!..

by the way if you think is not true check this link and review it so you know how americans are the worsest people in this planet..

so who cares what you all think of Mexico, it works and its on its way to success..

Independence Day Is comming, Mexico is celebrating 200 years of freedom and still giving something to talk about to all the world, I dont think we need to just talk about it, actually we need to start to investigate what really happen back in those days, I dont think that a wacky tabacky cigar and a nice cold glass of barrel beer made santa anna sign over documents to usa officials… what ever the reasons, now is the future, now we change things around, a new Mexican Government is in process and a 1st class world country is being born. VIva MExico 2009!!!!… i know that every human being in the world knows this!!.. Celebrate with us. now is our time…..

there’s no continent of central America . North American and South American Divide at the isthmus of Panama which used to be part of Colombia where South America begins.

Its funny how people make a decisions based on the imaginary line in the dirt. For whatever reason, people are taught that Mexico is north america. “Central America ” is also part of north america, for those of you making comments on mexico. Now if you look in the center of the americas you will see all the countries from mexico to panama. Now just because mexico is labeled as north america so should central america. The US and UN for either political reasons or economic reasons say mexico is n america. Yeah yeah yeah, its all BS and the half of what the govt says is all lies too. Mexico should be labeled central america. Look up middle america and see what you get. MEXICO! (bingo) The last time I checked middle also means central. Its all a vicious cycle. Quit being sheep, and open your eyes.

It depends on who you ask. If you ask someone supporting transnational corporte interests such as NAFTA, then Mexico is awkwardly stuffed into definitions of North America-Canada. Clearly, on its northern edge, Mexico falls into a geographic zone that is the southernmost delineation of North America, while Mexico southward leads into Central America.

Consider pre-modern societies such as the Maya, whose cities were interconnected into one cultural sphere that spread from Cozumel, Central Mexico lowlands, into Veracruz, Honduras and Guatemala. Culturally, Mexico still has much more in common with the Central American societies than it does with the cultural traditions, language and customs of North American USA and Canada.

Without overstating the obvious, new patterns of immigration and demographic shifts are resulting in changing perceptions of such ambiguous regional zones. Not surprisingly, those who desire seeing the USA fuse inter-regionally with Mexico are re-drawing and re-defining such culture zones, and those who want Mexico to be in North America will support such changing definitions.

Wow! Is this a joke? I’m from MA and as far as I know we have one of if not the best school systems in the country. Now I’m not saying I’m one of the smartest people in the world but one of the few things I remember learning is the continents and if i remember correctly Central America is not a continent!!!!! So what is the debate about it seems very simple so me!!! Put culture aside put language aside and just look at the facts. Mexico is part of Central America that is true but Central America is largely a part of North America.Now I’m not trying to take away from the Mexican culture I’m not saying they are American I’m saying that Mexico if a part of a continent. I’m Cape Verdean which is a island off the west coast of Africa we have our own language and our own culture but I’d be full of it if I said we didn’t belong to the continent of Africa. IDK I’m very sure someone will argue with this comment too! I guess that’s the beautiful thing about living in “North America” is that you can have an opinion of about anything.

Like someone said, “it depends on who you ask” – look at the country of Cyprus. Cyprus has for many years been classified as part of the “Middle East,” as it is off the western coast of Lebanon and Syria, and south of Turkey; half of it is Turkish and belongs to Turkey. Still, although many Cypriots swear they are European (and it is now an EU member country), cross through Nicosia and find yourself right in the middle of a town scene that resembles just about anywhere in the middle east. The question of where Mexico “belongs” is similar to Cyprus, and it involves culture as much as it does geography.

Whoever though of labeling country lines… It should just be “North and South” that way it would’ve been easier to define. But as far as I can remember in history, Mexico has always been a “Northern” country and not central. Also labeling people as “Latin, Hispanic, white, black” etc… Latin is/was a language and I do not speak it, so that makes me “Latin” even if I don’t speak it? Same with english, french and other languages come from latin, why aren’t they called latins too? But latin it’s no longer spoken that I know of. I do believe I am part “Spanish” and part “Native American” because I have a spanish last name and American/Mexican last name, but not “Indian”. The people who was born in a certain continent should be “Native” not “Indian”. All that comes from the history of Christopher Columbus, he thought he had found “India” when he first set a foot on American Lands, when India is far from this lands. Indians are in the country of India not in American continent. All I know I am American and it doesn’t matter what country I was born in, but as far as I know I was born in the American Continent. Most people in Europe, Asia, Australia etc… when America is mentioned, they think as U.S. When it really should be the whole continent and not just U.S. Mexico same as United States of America has a similar title “United States of Mexico” or “Mexican United States” and not just by mentioning America it has to be just Mexico, There are a lot more countries in America and not just U.S. Come one people…
Some people in the U.S. think New Mexico is a country, I couldn’t believe it when I heard that. But whatever! I am human I am alive and I am here, and whatever is being spreaded out there it’s all in their minds, that won’t stop me from sleeping.
Every mind it’s a world and every human has right to express it’s thoughts.

Is Mexico part of North America or Central America? It is clear that there is an emotional connection for people (at least on this board) to the issue. I personally, could care less but I do believe that the correct answer depends on which of the following dimensions of the question are in play:

1. Political – Mexico is clearly for political reasons included in the definition of “North America” in NAFTA. However, the UN puts Mexico in Central America. Paradoxically one could reasonably defer to the UN as a more objective authority and say Mexico is part of Central America as they state that their classification is “apolitical” and based on groupings determined for statistical convenience. Anti-immigration American politicians rarely refer to Mexico as being part of North America.

2. Geological – Geologically, Mexico, USA and Canada are all (largely) on the same North American geological plate. There is no meaningful debate to be had here. Mexico by this definition is part of North America, end of story. (See:

3. Cultural – those who define North America as Canada and the USA only probably recognize that Canada and the USA are very similar culturally. Not only do they share the same language (large French and Spanish speaking populations notwithstanding) but they also share much of the same cultural predispositions such as similarities in their traditional holidays like Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labour Day etc. Mexico does not fit the bill culturally – at least, not yet.

4. Historical – if one accepts the European perspective as being the dominant perspective for so much of what people throughout the world have accepted “as fact” (e.g. ask most people “Who discovered America?” and you’ll probably hear the answer “Christopher Columbus”) then historically, Europeans have included Mexico in Central America not North America. I am unclear why this is the case, but I suspect that the historical classification is a cultural predisposition by European geographers, but I can’t say that for sure. By this measure, then you’re pretty much stuck with Mexico not being part of North America. Clearly, these geographers came AFTER Mexico lost California.

5. Geographical – notwithstanding the fact that a significant part of Mexico lies north of some Texas border towns (e.g. Tijuana is further north than Brownsville), geographically, it is easy to see how Mexico can be lumped into Central America as enough of it can reasonably be construed to make up part of the isthmus that connects the two larger land masses of South America and the USA.

I suspect that there are even more perspectives including anthropological, military etc. Personally, I think that both positions have legitimacy, it all depends on the context. So if someone asks me this question in future, then I’ll retort: “Do you mean politically, geologically, culturally, geographically or historically?”

Please Stop arguing, Mexico is an independent country from Central America, and from the U.S.A.north America, geological, but not economically Mexico is totaly dependent on the U.S.A. forguet about THE ALAMO that is just history from hundredth years ago, U.S.A have their laws and Mexico is just a puppet of u.s.a. government, that simple. 15 millions of illegal and counting living in the U.S.A.
not paying not even for their rent, food,money,medical, don’t you think that’s dependency from a country that is accused of been a thief 300 years ago???

To: “Brazilia Zurvaz”
Are you kidding me!!! Your comment/idea/mentality has no foundation…
Mexico is not a “puppet” of U.S.
Let me explain something to you: Mexico, Canada, U.S among many other countries have the NAFTA-(North America), WTO-(World), FTAA-(Americas) Trades/Exportations, none-depend on the other, that is why all that exists.

“Illegals” are all over the world and from all over the world, and they migrate to find a JOB to EARN money and pay their bills, food, rent etc… and not depend on others.
“Man” has created laws in every country that have supposed to be respected but some of those laws are so strict that people can’t be themselves or live comfortable, like DICTATORS in some countries; do you think is fair to someone to be treated like a slave???
People just try to SURVIVE but unfortunately there are peope-(criminals) that just distroy other people’s life and future, and on the way they give to other people a bad image just by being from certain country. Not just by trying to survive means you are a criminal!.

“Forget The Alamo, that is just History”???
Tha is so stupid on your part, you need to analyze that, and realize that we all have history. Why forget something that you can learn from? that way we cat try to be better people and realize that we need each other in this planet, and not fight.
So try to forget your history and see what you can do without it!.

I was educated in Canada in the 60’s. At that time we where taught that Mexico was indeed part of the continent of Central America, only since the Nafta agreement has Mexico been linked with North America. Britannica Atlas 1974 states that Mexico is Middle America (Central). I guess it depends when & where you went to school. We are having this debate so it must have been taught at some time. To the person who tells people to forget history If You (we) DO It will only be repeated again

I was born and raised in Central America. There are 5 original Central American countries Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Mexico was always considered a part of North America. The Mexican people that I know agree that they are part of North America, geographically. Belize was part of Guatemala until the British took the land and named it British Honduras. During my school days, every time Belize was referred to as “British Honduras,” the students would cross out “British Honduras” and write in “Belize is of Guatemala.” Since their “independence,” the country is now Belize and part of Central America. All of my school books referred to the “five countries of Central America and Panama.” Mexico was never a part of Central America. Panama was once part of Colombia, now a country in Central America. The “five stars” symbolize the five original countries of Central America. Add Belize and Panama and that makes seven Central American countries.
Just thought I would add to the comments what I learned more than 60 years ago! Truth is, we have North America and South America joined together by Central America! It is my opinion that we are all Americans, regardless of what the United Nations and the Europeans say!

To Brazilia Zurvaz

Listen who ever you are? Mexico did not became an independent country from central America? You mean Central American became independent from Mexico because Mexico was once a powerful country back in the 1800s, more powerful than the U.S

and P.S. excuse my spell check too, I was only trying to make my point here to Brazilia.

You talk about borders as if they were a bad thing. You state that “When the U.S. Americans refers to Mexico as “Latin America” it’s a clarification that those people are something “other” than us.”
When you say these things you assume that it is *bad* to be different from each other, when, in fact, it is our uniqueness and individuality that makes us more valuable. Borders are not wrong, they are something to be respected.

is easy usa and canada form part of north american anglo-saxon mexico north america “hispanic” the end.

To all of those that want Mexico to be the 51st or 52nd state. Relax. It ain’t gonna happen. Just check the census. Of the 35+ million people that claim to be of Latin speaking descent, 64% are Mexican. Of the Mexicans 58% are Illegal. I mean undocumented. With Mexican flight, like that, many people in the US want to associate themselves with runners/cowards. It is really said for me to see Mexicans and other central americans flee their own country because they are afraid to die for change. Afraid to die to make life better in their own country. I have been all over central america buying products and that is a rich place. Natural resources all over the place. This should be a rich country, free of hunger, unemployment, and crime. However, it appears that the people are afraid of the boogey man. Only one guy, Carlos Slim, had the b*lls to step out and get something done. Mexico is not like Africa, it has the Israeli, Dutch, French, Brits killing Africans all over the place for their natural resources. Yet, you don’t see African running away from Africa.

Really think about what Mexico, the land mass has to offer the world. Now, compare that to what the current inhabitants of Mexico have to offer the world. The land mass is on tilt to the positive. The inhabitants need to catch the f**k up. Mexicans should stay home, in Mexico, beat the drug lords back and prepare a good life for their grand children. It appears that todays Mexicans are too interested in having the good life given versus earning it.

Look at the American Black man. He has no where to run and no where to hide. No land to call his own. He was brought to America to be bred, worked and exterminated. Yet, he was smart enough to figure IT out in a foreign land.
That’s alot of credit coming from me.

Mexican man figure IT out, before the Chinese get you. Cause China ain’t got sh@t!

We are not talking about differences in people’s native language, culture or political opinions in here. Mexico’s landmass falls right in North America, no matter or however you’d like to put it. If you were to look in a physical map of the Americas, you automatically would guess Mexico is part of the Northern continent of America because it really is. Even Mexico is part of the North American teutonic plate! If you were to turn the map upside-down, you would get the same result! It’s logic.
I do have to admit even some Mexicans–(yes) themselves–do think Mexico is also located in Central America. But everyone is wrong if we are talking about landmass!
To those who say California was never part of Mexico. That is the most illogical statement I’ve heard. Everyone knows the United States was founded by the people who colonized the thirteen colonies. How else do you explain the Spanish resemblance in California or any other southwestern-most state? Even the names are in Spanish, like Nevada meaning “snowy”. The United States was not always part of those states until the Mexican-American war ended by a peace treaty grating the United States what once used to be known as “Alta California,” and now what we call New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California

Congratulations Thomas! Nobody could explain that better. It is really obvious that Mexico is part of north america, not only for its shape and location, but also, as you said, for the north amerian tectonic plate, and not only california was part of new spain, then after independence of Mexico as a country, also arizona, nevada, new mexico, part of utah, part of colorado, and texas, and I see nothing wrong with that, almost all the United States population is From immigrants, if not, you would be native americans…

Thanks Thomas for clearing it up so well…

Why is this debate still going?

I’m sure I explained the different models that are taught at different countries. Think about the Olympic logo. It represents each habitable continent and there are only 5!!

Anyway Wikipedia says it all:

The seven-continent model is usually taught in China, India and most English-speaking countries.

The six-continent combined-Eurasia model is sometimes preferred in the former states of the USSR and Japan.

The six-continent combined-America model is sometimes taught in Latin America and in some parts of Europe including Greece (equivalent 5 inhabited continents model (i.e. excluding Antarctica) still also found in texts)[20], Portugal and Spain.

Using this latter model as a starting point, the Olympics use only inhabited continents (excluding Antarctica) and thus a five-continent model as depicted in the Olympic logo.

This is my opinion

I will describe how I see the continental divisions of the Americas using Eurasia as an analogy.

Firstly, Eurasia can be seen as one continent, but contains a few tectonic plates, like the Indian and Arabian. The Americas can also be seen as such.

Then, you would divide both major continents into a manageable size, with Eurasia into Europe and Asia, Americas into North and South America. This is the standard way to view the continents.

In very few cases, you would section very small regions off because they lie on a minor plate, like you might do to Arabia or India. The thing is, most of Mexico isn’t on the Caribbean plate, so it wouldn’t be sectioned off.

I would like to think Mexico is in Central America because of it’s Spanish heritage, but then you would have to include a fair amount of the US.

But I think it is really something you shouldn’t get worried about, and not get picky if you did include it.

With all due respect for UN, geographers, and everyone that still considers Mexico as part of Central America, let me try to explain my interpretation of North and South. If North and South are defined by the equator, which is the middle part of the earth, and the equator passes across Ecuador, that means that more that 90% of South America is really in the southern part of the earth. Hence the definition South America.
Now, from North Pole to South Pole, the Earth distance is 20,014 km, or 12,416 mi, divided by 2 we will have 10,007 km or 6,208 mi. The length of Canada and US are roughly 5,000 km, or 3,000 mi, are they interpreting that North and Central have 5,000 km, or 3,000 mi each, and South have 10,000 km, or 6,000 mi? That doesn’t make any sense to me.
If Europe defined South as every nation south of their borders they missed by about 3,500 km, or 2,100 mi.

Somehow I think the topic changed,it began as a discussion of whether or not Mexico is part of Central America..then Shifted as to whether or not it is North America…Of course Mexico is a North American country along with central america..but Mexico IS NOT central america…Central America is comprised of seven countries.
4.El Salvador
6.Costa Rica

Wow lyly and karen. You. guys are the most ignorant persons in the 21 century. Congratulation .you have 10 in geographic and history.

OMG! English is not a Latin Language! English is a West Germanic language. English have a strong influence of Latin as well as many borrowed words from Spanish.

Latin languages (major ones) Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Rumanian, Gallego, Catalan.

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