Why life in southern California is so expensive

Video postcard from Zulma currently in Troy, New York.

I lived in Troy from 2001-2004 and my limbs still remember the numbing cold. It still hurts a bit watching that video. A snowplow once left my car packed into the snowbank up to the windows, leaving me no option but to dig it out with a piece of cardboard I got out of a dumpster. I don’t miss the pain of thawing my fingers out over the stove. One thing I do miss is how quiet it gets after it snows. Aside from that pesky sense of touch, my other senses really enjoy the winter.

For those of us not living in the tundra, it is a clear reminder why we put up with the ridiculous cost of living in SoCal. And for the rest of la raza in upstate New York, don’t forget to keep an ice scraper and shovel in the trunk.


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  Gravatar Zulma Aguiar wrote @ February 2nd, 2006 at 8:27 pm

ay que frio! I’m telling you, I broke the ice scaper from last year, on ice of course. So I just got a new one about 2 days ago when I changed the oil to my car. BTW, i changed the oil in my car & got it vaccummed for 19.95… je je… each liter of oil in Europe is 12 euros @ least.
Anyway, Thanks for the socal greeting, indeed, I do take your advice seriously, and I only thaw my fingers when I forget to wear gloves.

The snow silence is lovely. People all stay home and don’t move their cars for days. This is when babies are made too! he he!

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