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Earlier this year, I started several podcasts for local public radio station KPBS-FM. In the process of getting them online, I modified a podcast button that was becoming popular RSS PODCAST. In terms of usability, I think average users are still behind the curve in understanding technology abbreviations like XML RSS etc, and opted to make it MP3 PODCAST instead. The orange color is the only real standard at this point, and people do know what MP3s are. I posted that version of the button in April, and to my knowledge, it was the first podcast button to make this distinction.

So today, I noticed that Youth Radio is now podcasting, and guess what? They used my button!

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I double checked and the Youth Radio button even used the exact filename I used. So I googled that filename mp3_podcast.gif, and found another dude who is using my button. Let me know if you spot it anywhere else. So far its only 2, but I’ll have to keep track if it keeps spreading.

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