Immersive Imaging Using Quicktime VR

Diem Arts uses Apple Computer's Quicktime VR (QTVR) technology, allowing your clients to experience an interactive 360 degree view of any location. Selective photography and digital enhancement make it possible to showcase your facilities in the best light possible

Abilene Christian University
Business Atrium

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Photographed on the campus of
Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.
Mezamiz Coffee House & Juice Bar
3909 S.7th

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1059 N.Judge Ely

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Photographed in Abilene, Texas.

The interactive nature of QTVR scenes generates a high impact impression impossible with static imagery. In addition, the Quicktime application is free, cross-platform and one of the most versatile and widely used multimedia applications on the Internet today.

South Padre Island Panoramas
The Beach

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South Balcony

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North Balcony

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Photographed from the 11th floor of the
Royale Beach and Tennis Club in South Padre Island, Texas.

If you cannot view the above QTVRs, click here to download the latest version of Quicktime.

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Last Updated July 8, 2001
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